Our Story:

Organically Kismet is a health and wellness company specializing in Full Spectrum Sea Moss. We are committed to bringing whole food supplementation to the masses in a way that is attainable and easy to consume! 

Organically Kismet, a three-generation woman owned BIPOC wellness company, was founded by Cita Salazar. Cita founded Organically Kismet alongside her mother, Marcella, and her daughter, Avionna, in the year of 2020, in Los Angeles, CA.

 Being raised in a holistic household and coming from a lineage of medicine woman, she has great knowledge and passion for natural healing. Cita took this passion for health & wellness, became a certified holistic health coach and created an incredible whole food supplement that is transforming lives one jar at a time!  

The mission here at Organically Kismet is to continue to bring natural remedies into our community, help empower the collective into regaining the ability to heal on their own terms, all while doing it in a way that best suits their individuality.

Organically Kismet is a place where you will find natural healing, self discovery and self empowerment through every single one of our offerings!