What is Full Spectrum Sea Moss And What Does It Do?

What is Full Spectrum Sea Moss And What Does It Do?

Sea Moss is a type of red algae that can be found and harvested in the waters of the Caribbean along the reefs of St. Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica, Dominico, as well as some of the waters in the North Atlantic. There are two main types of mosses that have gained popularity and are used in making supplements those being; Genus Gracilaria and Chondrus Crispus.

Here at Organically Kismet we choose to make our gels from “Genus Gracilaria” also know as Full Spectrum Sea Moss. We source our Sea Moss from the pristine waters of St. Lucia, a small island located in the West Indies in the Eastern Caribbean. Many people ask us the difference between regular “Sea Moss” also know as Chondrus Crispus and “Full Spectrum Sea Moss” Genus Gracilaria . The main difference between the two are, Full Spectrum Sea Moss has a higher mineral content and has a less intense sea like smell and taste than regular sea moss. This multi colored Full Spectrum Sea Moss has a plethora of minerals and vitamins that the body needs daily for proper function.

By indulging in our Wild Crafted Full Spectrum Sea Moss you will have embarked on an amazing journey to discovering its healing properties. The list of benefits run far and wide, below we have listed some of the most profound!


  •  A WHOPPING 92 MINERALS out of the 102 minerals our bodies require for optimal health!  Labeling it the SUPERFOOD of the sea

  • GREAT SOURCE OF COLLAGEN, Sea Moss is considered a plant based Collagen. Because Sea Moss contains high amount of the same collagen proteins almost identical to those found in our bodies it makes for an amazing anti-aging supplement as well as great assistance in strengthening our bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails! 

  • EXPELS EXCESS MUCUS from the body.  It has been used for thousand of years as a means to treat respiratory problems by providing the body a means to purge mucus. 

  • REDUCES INFLAMMATION, Sea Moss contains naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties.  It is because of this factor that it makes for an amazing option to improved gut health, reducing inflammation of the gut lining while providing astonishing amounts of "good" bacteria.

  • THYROID HEALTH, because of the naturally high occurring amounts of iodine, Sea Moss provides the thyroid with amazing support.  Because the thyroid is in charge of balancing hormones, metabolism (weight loss), as well as the immune system it really makes for an important factor in our daily routines.

  • BLOOD CLEANSER AND REBUILDER, Sea Moss does some amazing things for our blood and one of those things is cleansing it. It aids it in this process by detoxification and controlling the free-radicals floating around in our blood streams. Because of the great supply of Iron, Vitamin B-12, and Copper as well as other vitamins, it really is amazing at building blood cells as wells as blood supply. With the body able to produce more red blood cells more effectively it provides a faster way for oxygen to be carried to parts of the body that are in need.


As always, all our blends are made to order with the most pure and organic ingredients our universe has gifted us!

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