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Crystal Quartz Cluster 1 ct.

Crystal Quartz Cluster 1 ct.

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Bring a sense of beauty, balance, and positivity into your life with Crystal Quartz Cluster. Quartz clusters are not only stunning in their natural beauty but also offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts. These clusters are known for their ability to amplify energy and intention, making them excellent tools for manifestation and meditation practices.

The unique formations of quartz crystals clustered together create a mesmerizing display that can enhance the decor of any room. Whether placed on a shelf, desk, or altar, quartz clusters bring a touch of natural elegance and positive energy to the environment.


-Clear negative energy

-Promotes balance and peace


Clusters are distinct and vary in shapes and sizes. By purchasing our Crystal Quartz Cluster, you will acquire a carefully selected, distinct crystal chosen for its beauty and positive energy. Some crystal quartz may not have points, yet they still possess a rare beauty.

Size: About 2”-3.5” inches but varies with each unique cluster

*Colors, sizes, and textures may vary*

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