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Selenite Stick 1 ct.

Selenite Stick 1 ct.

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Selenite sticks are known for their unique properties that make them a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts. These beautiful crystals are believed to have a high vibration that can help to clear and purify energy in their surroundings. Selenite sticks are often used for cleansing as well as charging other crystals, as they are thought to have the ability to remove any negative or stagnant energy that may be stored within them.

Selenite sticks are said to have a calming and soothing energy that can help to promote peace and relaxation in any space. Whether used in a home, office, car, or sacred space, selenite sticks are believed to create a harmonious environment that encourages a sense of tranquility and well-being.







Size: 2.5”-3”

*Colors, sizes, and textures may vary*

(Sold individually)

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