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Worry Thumb Stone 1 ct.

Worry Thumb Stone 1 ct.

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Worrying thumb stones in times of uncertainty can serve as a grounding practice to help calm the mind and alleviate anxiety. By holding onto smooth stones and rubbing them with your thumb, you can create a soothing sensory experience that promotes relaxation and mindfulness. As you continue this ritual, you may find a sense of peace and clarity washing over you, helping you navigate through challenging emotions with a greater sense of calm and resilience.

Available in:

Amethyst - protection, balances mood, rids of negative energy

Crystal Quartz - clarity, balance, supports other crystals

Golden Quartz - protection, energizing, cleansing

Green Aventurine - good luck, abundance, balance, opens heart

Hematite - protection, calming, healing, grounding, detoxifying

Rainbow Moonstone - love, goddess energy, uplifting, spiritual guidance

Red Jasper - strength, stabilizing, protection

Rose Quartz - unconditional love, self-love, kindness, friendship, comforting

Sunstone - uplifting, motivational, inspiring, vitality, confidence

Tiger Eye - tranquility, confidence, peace, balance, creativity


Tip: Keep in your pocket for easy and convenient use.

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*Colors, sizes, and textures may vary*

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